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DHB-M200 Blow Molding Machine

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Detailed introduction

DHB-M200 Blow Molding Machine General Introduction

Double layers with accumulator head blow molding machine is newly-developed product in our company.

This blow moulding machine uses twin-screw with co-accumulator die head, by increasing recycled layer & proportion as well as reducing the use of raw material, in order to reduce cost. 

Plasticizations cancel V-belt drive, but adopt parallel shaft- helical gear reducer motor, and improve driving efficiency to reduce energy consumption, small vibration and low noise.

Hydraulic clamping uses oil-filled cylinder, small oil tank is for clamping pressure increase, and large oil tank is for mold opening and closing, which lessen oil pump displacement and

energy consumption.

DHB-M200 Blow Molding Machine Advantages

1. Machine platen can be moved down & up.

2. Machine platen has been strengthened.

3. All tubes and lines are located in good order.

4. Mold-moving stand is in box shape. It can make movement more stable and avoid distortion.

5. Tie bars are strengthened to make movement more stable

6. Mold-closing and mold-moving cylinder has been equipped with joint bearing. It can help protect mold-closing and mold-moving cylinder.

7. New blow construction. It can blow vertically and even blow from certain angle.

8. Blow construction has connected to exhausting air pipe. It can make product cool down more quickly.

9. Machine is with auto deflashing.

10. Machine can be connected to conveyor to carry the slitter edge to crusher to be reused.

11. Machine can be connected to conveyor to carry out bottle and connects the filling machine directly.

12. Machine can be equipped with robot arm to take out the bottle.

13. Machine can be equipped with circle-type cutter to trimmer the bottle with foil-sealing type.

14. Mold platen has been professionally designed in construction and shape to keep stable.

15. New and safe machine door.

16. Machine is equipped with reduction valve in the mold-moving parts. It can make mold move more quickly and more stably.

17. Machine is equipped with manual adjuster to adjust the position of mold and blow pin. It makes the adjustment more conveniently.

18. Screw stand is of high rigidity.

19. Screw can be adjusted forward and backward, leftward and rightward.

Advanced processing equipment:

1. Introducing advanced technology from Germany, Italy, Japan etc.

2. Involving advanced design and production of super large-scale blow-molding machine and engineering management capability.

3. Holding over 40 items Patent Technologies.

Product attributes
Material                         PE、PP…
Max container capacity           L 200
Number of die                    set 1
Output(dry cycle)                pcs/hr 260
Total weight                     ton 40
Machine dimension(L×W×H)       m 7.5×3×5
Accumulator capacity             L 16
Number of die heating            zone 5
Power of die heating             KW 30
Die diamenter                    mm 150-500
Injection pressure               Mpa 8
Max.injection speed              kg/sec. 2
Clamping force                   KN 860
Platen opening stroke            mm 700-1700
Platen size                      mm 1300×1300
Max mould size(W×H)             mm 1200×1500
Mold moving speed                mm/sec. 250
Screw diameter                   mm 90+100
Screw L/D                        L/D 25:1
Extruding volume                 Kg/hr 120-200/180-270
Screw rotation rate              r/min 10-70
Extruder heating power           KW 20/22.4
Extruder driving power           KW 45/55
Oil pump driving power           KW 30
Servo driving power              KW 11
Total power                      KW 215
Average energy consumption       KW 150
Air pressure                     Mpa 0.8-1
Air consumption                  m³/min 2
Cooling water consumption        m³/min 1.8

Tincoo(Changxing) Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd..

TINCOO MACHINERY is a professional supplier devoted to the designing & production of big-scaled and multi-layer extrusion molding machine. The company is located on the south shore of Taihu Lake--Huzhou, with total investment of 10 million dollars, covering a total area of 58,000 square meters. Machines from the company are mainly for export, and have been exported to more than 80 countries in Asia, Mid-East, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Latin-America. The marketing network has covered all over the world.
There are 2 general departments in our company: machinery department & mold department. Machinery department focuses on designing and developing various plastic extrusion blows molding machine by learning foreign advanced techniques& administration faith; mold department focuses on mould design and manufacturing of preform mold& extrusion mold&blow mold. According to different character of different plastic material, we have successfully designed different machines, which are suitable for different products: container of PE, PVC, PP, PC, PETG, PS, PAN, PA, PPE, PPO, ABS, POM, TRA, etc(like big tank, collapsible container car plastic hollow part, office equipment,sport facility, toys, mechanical container,5 gallon PC container,tool box, etc). We have an experienced team will design, produce and offer service after service with great team spirit.High quality but reasonable price has been widely approved by our customers from local and abroad.

Your inquiry related to our product & price will be replied within 12 hours.
Well-trained & experienced staff are to answer all your inquiries in English and Chinese.
Working time: 8:00am ~5:00pm, Monday to Saturday.
Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party.
Good after-sales service offered, please get back to us if you got any questions.
Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
We own a factory ourselves, and we can assure the quality we manufactured.
What’s your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?
We offer you high quality machines with high quality after-service. Also we have one year warranty of the spare parts, free of charge.
How can I install my machine when it arrives?
We will send our engineer to your side as soon as you get all your machines ready, for testing and teaching your technicians how to run the machines.
How about the spare parts?
After we deal down all the things, we will offer you a spare parts list for your reference.
What after-sales service your company offers?
1, Your inquiry related to our product & price will be replied within 12 hours.
2, Well-trained & experienced staff are to answer all your inquiries in English and Chinese.
3, Working time: 8:00am ~5:00pm, Monday to Saturday.
4, Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party.
5, Good after-sales service offered, please get back to us if you got any questions.
Can I visit your factory and send team for learning and inspect?
Yes, sure.
We will do our best to teaching you how to use the machine.welcome to visit our factory! 
What is our advantages? 
 1.Competitive price 
2. Excellent technical support 
3.Best service  
Where is your factory located? How can we visit there?
Our factory is located in Zhe Jiang Province, China, about 2 hour to Hong Qiao airport, from SHANG HAI by air.
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